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FastGrader B Grading Machine

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FastGrader B Grading for grading Machine makes the raw fish slide down at a certain angle by means of rotating rollers and water spray, then fall into the gaps between rollers to achieve grading (sorting). The gaps between rollers can be adjusted according to the grading specifications requirement of the customer by adjusting the wheels on the side of the machine, which can grade 5 specifications. It is suitable for grading all kind of round fish like pollock, herring, mackerel, horse mackerel, sprat, sardine, blue witling and etc. 


Types Available

6 rollers, ~11 tons/hr

8 rollers, ~15 tons/hr

10 rollers, ~18 tons/hr

14 rollers, ~30 tons/hr


Hydraulic Station Working Pressure: 80~100BAR

Roller Rotating Speed: 60~120/min

Frame & Cylinder Material: 316 Stainless Steel

Roller: ⌀114

Application Range: Fishing Trawler & Fish Plant

Application: fishing trawler and land fish processing plants  



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