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EasySkinner B Fish Skinning Machine

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EasySkinner B Fish Skinning Machine is designed and launched out after EasySkinner A Fish Skinning Machine, which can peel bigger fillet with thicker skin and remove the fat under the skin.   


1. Suitable for skinning bigger size fillet.

2. Special application for fish both with thick skin and thin skin, and removing fat.

3. Divided pressure roller (spring suspended) for double lane feeding.

4. Water cleaning unit for steady continuous operation.

5. Made of food grade high quality stainless steel, with compact structure which is easy to clean and daily maintenance.


Cutting Width: 430mm

Max. Throughput Height: 70mm

Capacity:300-600 pieces/hr

Power: 1.1kw

Water Consumption: 200-250 L/hr

Water Pressure: 0.1-0.5MPa

Dimension: 1850×800×1200mm

Weight: 230kg

EasySkinner B Fishing Skinning Machine is suitable for skinning processing of Pacific Cod, Salmon, Haddock, Flatfish, Flouder and etc.





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