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FastGrader A Shrimp Grading Machine

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FastGrader A Shrimp Grading Machine is designed for grading shrimps of different sizes. The grader offers a gentle and accurate grading for both cold water and warm water shrimp. After the feed system releases and orients raw shrimps, grading (sorting) occurs as raw shrimps falls into grading lanes that is the gap between rollers and moves down diverging, continuously rotating rollers. Raw shrimps are sorted by size, starting with the smallest size and ending with the largest size.

Working Principle

A large quantity of raw shrimp are conveyed by two grade conveyor, which are arranged in an orderly arrangement to the working surface of the grading machine. Every two graded circular rollers a group are rotated under the drive motor, the different sizes of shrimp are graded by the different gaps between every two rolls, and then were collected after conveying.

Capacity: 12 rollers 1500kg/hr, 18 rollers 2000kg/hr, and can be customized.

Main Motor Power: 1.5kw

Upper and Lower Rollers Adjust Motor Power: 0.37kw×2

Grading and Collection Convey Motor Power: 0.4kw×2

Raw Material Convey Motor Power: 0.75kw×2

Water Pump Motor Power: 1.1kw

Water Pressure: ≧4kg

Dimension: 12 rollers 3905 × 6903 × 2333mm

                   18 rollers 4796 × 6903 × 2333mm


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