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AutoPeel Shrimp Peeling Production Line

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AutoPeel Shrimp Peeling Production Line

The system is composed of a series of machines with unique performances, used for batch processing of head-on (off) shrimps. Its end product is peeled shrimp, after the whole process of Pre-cleaning, head-off, peeling, separating, fine-cleaning, back-splitting, deveining, inspection and etc.

Compared with Traditional Manual Peeling:

Faster: Peeling speed is about 30 times than manual peeling, ensuring high efficiency.

Lower: Reduce labor cost. Smaller footprint for shrimp peeler, which reduces workshop construction budget and running cost.

Safer: Less contact between operation and products, shorten processing time while ensuring freshness and food safety.Smarter: Smart production plan. Start suitable quantities of peelers according to productivity requirement. Less problems with labor source during season and off-season

Main technical performance:

Improves production efficiency, saves labor and reduces cost , and suitable for batch processing of shrimp peeling;

Modern and compact design with rational construction. Smallest floor place usage, but largest production capacity;

Stainless steel parts meet HACCP hygiene requirement. Automatic machinery ensures low contamination;

The machinery is of high degree of automation. Open-structured design ensures easy cleaning, operation and maintenance. Best choice for modern, large and medium-scaled shrimp processing enterprises.

Technical Parameters for 1 set

Main Moter: 3kw

Auto-feeding System Power: 0.75kw

Water: 110kg/min

Water Pressure: ≧4kg

Dimension: 3475x1860x2610mm

Weight: 2150kg

Peeling Flow Diagram

SPP-I Shrimp Peeling Production Line

SPP-I Shrimp Peeling Production Line

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