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Shrimp Peeling Machine

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EasySplit Shrimp Back Splitting & Peeling Machine

Traditional shrimp processing factory employs a lot of workers for the whole process of head-off, back spliting, peeling and deveining of raw shrimps. With continuous processing capacity expansion and labor cost rising, more and more shrimp processors apply automated peeling instead of manual peeling. According to market demand, Powertech has developed SPM-I Shrimp Back Splitting & Peeling Machine for automated processing of back-spliting, deveining and peeling of head-off shrimps. The machine features unique design, compact construction, smart adjusting, easy operation, hygiene & easy to clean, and etc.


After being processed by automatic shrimp peeling machine, the head-off shrimps are processed into following styles:

SSPM-I Shrimp Back Splitting & Peeling Machine

EasySplit Shrimp Back Splitting & Peeling Machine can be widely used not only in shrimp processing factories, but also in restaurants, seafood markets, commissaries where raw shrimp is to be further processed while space is limited.


Compared with Traditional Manual Peeling:

Faster: Peeling speed is 6 to 10 times than manual operation, ensuring high efficiency;

Better: Better consistency of end products and reduces human error;

Lower: Less labor and lower cost. Smaller footprint for shrimp peeler, which reduces workshop construction budget and running cost;

Safer: Less contact between human and products, shorten processing time while ensuring freshness and food safety;

Smarter: Smart production plan. Start suitable quantities of peelers according to productivity requirement. Less problems with labor source during season and off-season.


SPP-I Shrimp Peeling Production Line

Multiple Unit System Diagram

SSPM-I Shrimp Back Splitting & Peeling Machine

Technical Parameters for 1 set


water volume: 35 to 40 gallons/hr

water pressure: ≥4kg


voltage: 220 volt

power: 0.75kw.

Dimension: 1275*735*900mm


net weight: 192kg

SSPM-I Shrimp Back Splitting & Peeling Machine

SSPM-I Shrimp Back Splitting & Peeling Machine

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