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EasyScale Fish Scaling Machine

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EasyScale Fish Scaling Machine applies high pressure nozzle which can eject water column from different angles, the scales are lifted directly. While on the market, hard brush or iron brush are used for scaling, fish skin were hurt. This kind of high pressure water column does not hurt fish, fish fin and fish tail, fish scale are removed cleanly and comprehensively, and 360 degree no dead corner. Compared with manual scaling, its working efficiency is increased by more than seven times, so the labor force are greatly liberated.



1. Two layers of chain nets are used to control the transportation of fish, multiple groups of high-pressure water jets are used at different angles, so as to achieve scaling.

2. High degree of automation, easy to operate, save a lot of manpower, reduce production cost greatly, convert from labor intensive into efficient economy.

3. The water pressure can be adjusted to the most suitable pressure during operation, fish body will not be harmed, ensures quality.

4. Replaces a large number of manpower, reduces the direct contact between operator and product, prevents the invasion of all kinds of germs, prevents the generation of

germs, and truly achieving health and safety.


Capacity:20-30 pieces/min

Power Rating: 5.74kw

Water Consumption: 200-250 L/hr

Water Pressure: 3MPa

Fish Species: Red Fish & similar fish

Dimension: 1900mm×1140mm×2165mm

Weight: 750kg

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