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New Product!! Powertech Shrimp Peeling Machine For Restaurant!

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Powertech shrimp peeling machine is a compact shrimp peeling machine designed and developed for chained restaurants, central kitchens and etc. It is used for fully automatic processing of splitting the back, removing vein and peeling shell of headless shrimp.

Powertech shrimp peeling machine for chained restaurants has realized the transformation from industrial product to civil product in its true sense, so that your gourmet food exploration road like a tiger with wings, twice the results with half the effort!

// Various styles switch at will //

Suitable for Vannamei, cooked shrimp, crayfish, headon Argentina Red Shrimp and other kinds of shrimip.

// Simple Operation And Compact Structure //

As an innovative high-tech enterprise, the main team members have over 25 years of practical experience in seafood processing equipment industry. On the basis of absorbing domestic and overseas advanced technology and combining with the characteristics of domestic catering, Powertech provides more convenient and humanized equipment for the market to warm your "Chinese stomach" and "Chinese heart"!