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Lobster Processing Line Exported To Canada

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On 23th March of 2020, lobster slaughter and cutting line customized and manufactured by Powertech Technology was loaded and exported to Canada.

Powertech Technology is committed to providing seafood advanced processing equipment and total solutions, the R&D and production team of the company insists on independent innovation and seeks for technological breakthrough. The customized multifunctional lobster processing production line for Canadian customer has been delivered smoothly, which will meet the peak season of lobster processing with the customer on the other side of the ocean.

Powertech Technology fully automatic production line and total solution cover seafood, poultry meat, rice noodles, baking and other food processing industries. According to customers' different production needs and pain points, the company formulates personalized solutions to help customers complete production mode transformation, improve production efficiency and enhance core competitiveness while liberating labor force for customers.

During the epidemic, the application of fully automatic production lines and production equipment can effectively reduce the frequency and time of contact between people and food and ensure food hygiene and safety. As a member of the community with a shared future for mankind, Powertech Technology always adheres to the principle of "Respect and Win-Win", serves customers and markets, and is always your reliable and high-quality partner!