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Summer Basketball Game of Powertech Machinery

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Inordertoenrichthesparetimelifeofthestaff,the"summerbasketballgame"ofPowerTechwasheldin theFireRockGymnasiumonthelastdayofJune,2019.Herearesomehighlightsofthematch:Employeescangetheathyandhavefun thro

In order to enrich the spare time life of the staff, the "summer basketball game" of Power Tech was held in  the Fire Rock Gymnasium on the last day of June, 2019.

Here are some highlights of the match:

Employees can get heathy and have fun through these positive group building activities. In the future , our company will continue to hold more events that are beneficial to employees physical and mental health, and jointly promote the construction of corporate culture.


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