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Cherish The Present, Win The Future

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The 1st of October National Day Holiday meets the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, WolfKing & Powertech held a variety of team building activities to celebrate the festivals together.


I. The Five-Starred Red Flag Flies Forever

"Stand up, people who don't want to be slaves..." Whenever and wherever the impassioned "March of the Volunteers" is played, it can arouse the most sincere patriotic feelings in every Chinese and arouse people's heroic feeling of taking responsibility for the country and the people. At this time of every year, the WolfKing and Powertech people continue the tradition of singing the national anthem, remembering the history, keeping in mind their original aspiration, and marching forward bravely.


II. Salute To You

The year 2020 is an extraordinary year. In the field of epidemic prevention and control, everyone is a soldier and heroes are everywhere at critical moments. In paying tribute to these righteous heroes who have paid for the country and the people, we also express our sincere respect to every employee who shines in ordinary positions, especially to those employees who sacrifice family time during the holidays are still struggling in production and installation for the on-time and smooth delivery of equipment to customers. We salute to you all!


III. Seize The Present  Win The Future


During the activity, Mr. Zhu, as the company leader, delivered the keynote speech "Seize The Present  Win the Future. He reviewed the difficulties and achievements that Wolfking & Powertech have overcome and achieved since the resumption of work in 2020, especially from vertical plate freezer, Australian large spiral freezer, to multiple sets of heating and freezing equipment and complete seafood processing production lines, which are quite impressive. Mr. Zhu also made pertinent comments on the work of each department. Today's pay will determine tomorrow's harvest. Let's seize the present and win the future together!


IV. Singing Expresses Emotion

In this part, we express our love in songs, which are both competitions and entertainment. Temporary random combination of chorus team, under the leadership of the temporary Leader of the team, can still perform the classic song My Motherland and Me so perfectly, shows the Wolfking & Powertech people's executive ability and the ability to cope with change. At critical moments, everyone can step forward, show their abilities, and shoulder their due responsibilities.


V. Talk And Share

Every employee of WolfKing & Powertech grows with the development of the company. In this part, everyone speak freely, confide in each other, express their expectations and suggestions for the company and work, share their thoughts, and are full of confidence and vision for the future of the company.


VI. Warm Dinner

Finally, in a pleasant and joyful atmosphere, today's event ended. WolfKing & Powertech people will continue the spirit of unity, hard work and aggressiveness, to seize the present and win the future!

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