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Labor Is The Most Glorious, But Love Is The Greatest

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In order to enrich the cultural and sports life of the company's employees, cultivate the team spirit of unity, hard work, and proactiveness, and strive to create a better learning and communication platform for employees, Jiangsu Langwang Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. and Nantong Baotai Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. held on April 30 Co-organized the May 1 team building activity of "Work is the most glorious, great because of love".


1. Rabbit dance


The event began with a lively rabbit dance, "left, left, right, front, back, front..."The bouncing notes seem like a time warp, wheezing us back to the bell-bottom pants and radio of the '90s.With the rhythm of music, we can relax ourselves in the busy and orderly work.

2. The theory of evolution


"Natural selection, survival of the fittest". Everyone is an unhatched “egg” when they first enter the workplace. Only with integrity, proactiveness, and evolution through competition can be reborn in Nirvana.

3. Dragons takes water

In the workplace, there are no outstanding individuals, only outstanding teams. Only by strengthening collaboration in the rules and actively exploring ideas can we achieve success. The lively and interesting game reflects the teamwork spirit of the Wolf King and Baotai people who abide by the rules and work together.

4. Queue drill


Slightly rest, turn left and right! Eliminated layer by layer, full of fun. Problems are not terrible, we must take the initiative to take the initiative, and continuous improvement is the greatest responsibility to the team.

5. Leadership


As a leader, one must have great responsibility, strong ambition and excellent leadership. As a member of the team, you must strengthen the sense of responsibility, obey the organization and perform their duties. Only by maintaining effective communication and strong action between leaders and teams can they be invincible and invincible in the market wave!

4. Team dinner


After half a day of team activities and experience sharing, we gathered together to enjoy the company's elaborate buffet dinner.

Through this May 1st team building activity, the cultural life of the employees has been enriched, and the Wolfking & Powertech corporate spirit of integrity, respect and win-win is reflected. On the road of the future, we will work together and go hand in hand!